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blood; the substance of the brain was also much congested. The

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tre, wiiere it was evidently iilcerated. an<i tapered off

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During the latter half of the last century there were several

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terminal crisis of the attack. The thermometer may then show a reading

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may be enough to say that liquor and opiates are poi-

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be due not merely to dimmution of water, biit a so of solfds amon^

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that the children were apparently not very susceptible to measles

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the rest of the body, throws the patient into profound

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in the right iliac fossa. The tongue was dry and red. The tempera-

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meeting held April 8th, Dr. C. W. Stimson read a paper

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not in excess, and was clear. Spinal cord covered with thick yellowish-green

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readily fixed; I base this statement on the observation made by Benda, as

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serves it indefinitely, just as the germ of a grain of corn is kept

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heart or pump; the other secondary, caused by the recoil of the dis-

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it yielded almost pure culture of pneumococcus. Fifth day : pneumonia right base.

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heart surgery is described. The patient was partially

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action of light, a condition which does not appear when they

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dried and tanned, and was at once dressed, without the necessity of the appli-

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power against small-pox ; and that it will prove efi'ectual in most constitutions,

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the malarial parasite is the determining factor in the acute haemolysis

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unchanged position, and the remains of the adhesions,

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large window in the side of the joint. It had no connection

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whatever, how he had recently been enabled to avoid

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hjrperaesthesia (Kerandel's sign). There is usually marked weakness of muscles of

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graduating class of the Kentucky School of Medicine, was

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his attention on the eye to a large extent and he was

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developed, but where Nature has kindly given us ample evi-

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growth of our knowledge about cancer as it developed since MUller's

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municate to his Excellency Governor Andrew the following

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mucolytics. An active exercise program is also useful.

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Insanity may follow decay of the brain from age or premature decay,

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and are more permanent in results. Next to saline purgatives in efii-

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structures being excited to increased action, by the increased supply of blood, and the blood

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able to lie down at night on account of asthma, is perfectly re-

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testinal constriction from some cause had been combined with

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