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rhosi.-<. The tendency in fatty liver is to obesity, while emaciation is rarely
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stances nature heals the sore if given a chance. No salve, medicine, or
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three hot-air baths each day, and hydragogue cathartics to produce three
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The lungs are large, emphysematous, and pale, unless pneumonia, con-
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and the circulation to the limb almost arrested, whereas, on lowering
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containing remnants of the dead tissue or soft clots. Under the micro-
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be very desirable. This does no harm to the sick ; they may be removed
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months. Then, if the symptoms indicate that cicatrization is well es-
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diluent drinks are given, boater is the best. Spirits of nitrous ether, acetate
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91). Si>liyfjnioprapliic tracing of pulsi' in nortic obstruction 48()
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fetid expectoration, haemoptysis, and night sweats, with the physical signs
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erally the cavity made in the lung-tissue by the extravasation is of consid-
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It is contracted by laborers about stabies from the fact that the pus
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form of the chest, and by senile rarefaction of the lungs.
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Entero-epiplocele is a form of hernia in which there is present both
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evidences of hysteria. The patient can swallow at times, but if a bougie
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any form of skin disease, especially if the eniption is vesicular in character.
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hemorrhages are usually profuse. All bronchial hemorrhages ai*e attended
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occurs in the corpora cavernosa or from the spleen, it is called
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puberty, atheromatous degeneration occurs in the pulmonary vessels, espe-
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early, nor was the treatment sufficiently successful, to permit of a cure
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is characteristic of this fever, yet it is very unlike that met with in ty-
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spinal lesion affecting the structures upon the side of the body below.
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1. Delayed Union. This is a condition where, because of debility
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fracturing force, or by the efforts of the patient to move, or bv subse-
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used in recent dislocations. It will be necessary in many cases to pro-
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If the passive h}-peraemia is due to heart disease, the kidoeys will be in-
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from rapid pulmonary necrosis. Amphoric breathing, gurgles, and
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show that in one hundred and seventy-nine cases, fecal concretions ex-
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thigh, the hip-, knee-, and ankle-joints should be rendered, immovable.
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a piece of clot may be dislodged; embolism of one of the cerebral
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either side of the fracture. All this has occurred, under average cir-
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manner as to destroy the bodies of one or more of the vertebrse, thus giving