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the organ, and is permanent. The affected organ never returns to its n(jr-

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tliird, that without micrococci pus is inert. Many regard the pyaemic and

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what pigmented ; it pits readily and can be compressed into a very small

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is increasing emaciation; no dropsical accumulations are present. Con-

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elsewhere. The treatment is the same as chronic prostatitis.

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Percussion. — The area of cardiac dulness is normal unless changes at

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found one or two purgative doses of calomel to act promptly and satisfac-

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occur. Soft fibromata are popularly called "wens." These In mors are

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mild yelloio fever, typlius recurrens, dynamic fever. The French call it

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If the button does not pass within four weeks, a rectal examination

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ing of the bone and a discharge of pus. The diagnosis can be correctly

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two or three hours is all that is required. The bowels should be kept

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circulation and the proper restoration of the vasomotor impulse. In

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readily overlooked at a post-mortem, that its etiology is obscure. The

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upward. The tumor is usually nodulated and firm, gives a dull or tym-

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infiltration of the tissues about the sore. In the ulcerative ozgena of scrof-

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the relief of the delirium of chronic alcoholism, tartar emetic and digitalis

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is gradual loss of energy "with progressive emaciation ; the skin becomes

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Treatment. — Before fluctuation occurs, the rules of treatment are the

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accompany the heart sounds or occur independently of them. They are

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the least possible injury, ulcers result. These varicose ulcers are diffi-

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It has been recently stated by some very judicious observers, that large

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disease, as croupous i)neumonia. Wicks calls it tlieu arterial jiyamiia.

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tubercles and ulcerations are present about the mouth and anus. The

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normal cavity, but usually when the hernia appears subsequently, the

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The intestinal mucous membrane is hypersemic and the follicles are con-

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parents at the time of the individual's birth. Children of consanguineous

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and permanent paralysis of the structures below that point. It may

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Cavities. — The walls of a phthisical cavity are always irregular. At first

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