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malarial fever he examined carefully ,or the plasmodium. He found
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nute. For, if 11,000 grammes (23 oz.) of glucose is distrib-
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stated as consisting in a combination of measures, — (1.) To reduce
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Brown's wharf, where there had been no fever, on the 2d August, lay there
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below and with the joint above. In some of them small fragments
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boric acid, and uva ursi had no appreciable action. — O.
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The Practitioner. The majority of people suffering from
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such cases, therefore, the treatment cannot proceed upon pathalogical prin-
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June 24. 1890. — Harris ( M. L.) Forceps. No. 021565;
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of cold. Med. Times & Gaz., Lond., 1884 i, 280.— Galla
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This variety was also obtained from the stools in human intestinal
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side of the great toe, and the other for the adjoining sides of the
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myelitis may be associated is disseminate sclerosis ; that is to say, dis-
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Agie himself enjoyed good health until, in the winter of 1873-4, he injured
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splendid asylums, well equipped, with laboratories, good physicians, and the
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it is to be expected that rigidity will be encountered,
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ment is introduced into the affected nostril, and the liquid being
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Professor of the Principles and Practice of Medicine in University College, London.
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high medical authority, * that a vigorous state of health is in-
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lumbar enlargement. Eeflex action in the legs varies according to the
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an appeal may be taken to the general board of the society, this has
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The conditions are very different in late operations. A
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one of the best reconstructives now offered to the profession.
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The investigations by pathologists seemed to throw no light
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in the local conditions. A house appeared to retain
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tinuous warm-water bath. His classical publication on this method
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^r.«._A person is usuaUy bitten in the arm or leg, and m such a case
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are revealed in his urine. He is short-winded, has palj)ita-
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would be saved if a chance for drainage were only given.
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4. Gruner, O. C. : Biology of Blood Cells, Macmillan Co., Toronto, 1913.
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Weir Mitchell and other Philadelphia physicians, about
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injury. Dr. Yalentine Mott used often to remark that " a
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organism must be classed in the group of the hog cholera bacilli, and
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study of cases of these two kinds, Gubler drew the anatomical
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in both lungs. To continue the treatment as on yesterday.
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tend perhaps topromotecombinationsamong the existinglicens-
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schools. The number of students is probably about seventy.
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Dr. "Wagner of the Charity Hospital, Berlin, reports on his use of