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plication, in tending to produce violent irritation of the neighbouring

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of the liver cells, characterized clinically by jaundice, reduction in the

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masters," by Hugh Miller, page 104, which .shows that my proposal is

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watch tick in right ear, watch heard at two inches in

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Sergeants, first class, and sergeants are given warrants signed by

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cently an inspector of the New York Life Insurance Com-

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tain that nearly every person who attended the banquet

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All communications for the Editor, and all books for review, should

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of puberty, but died first if under that age. When 2 or more

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the friends, and receipts given for sums greatly in

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quish before it became the Faculty of Medicine of Laval

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Upon Operation for Ischiorectal Fistula.— Kirchmayr (Zentralbl. /.

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allowed to dry for a couple of days and then covered with an ordinary

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means the only food material, nor is it in all cases the principal

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apex. (The light areas seen in the picture are " halation " spots

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Motor Symptoms. — Muscular power is impaired ; there may

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from the l''reiuli, with Notes and Illustrations, by R. D. McLellan, M.D., Licentiate

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water. It is much lighter than the larva of Culex, which feeds habitually

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no bruit is audible. Its absence, however, is not to be taken as a proof that

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additional sufi^ort. Demeny, quoted by Enebuske,^ makes this state-

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rennin, pepsin, trypsin) by fibrin, and Effront'" states that enzymes

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This, it would seem, is what happens in those cases known respec-

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The deceased was observed chewing the plant, 'probably from that perversion of

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the sale of food an l drugs acts, 1875 .'iikI 1879,

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be demonstrated, when none will be found in the central

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twenty years ago. Syphilis denied. " Lumbago," of no

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sical signs IIS have been enumerated, the lungs Avere

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reports abdominal pains as common, colic in 14 per cent. Digestive

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ness various diatheses which we cannot now fairly recognize or

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characteristics are not inherited, and that environment is the more

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deemed almost an exhaustive summary, for the use of students and

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of the infectious diseases, to ships, and to the exposed places. It is impracti-

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nent cure is established if the iodide is given internally and