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This discovery has opened up a new field of investiga-
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Dr. Moorhouse read section 12, which, on motion, was adopted as read.
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obtained by a small venesection (January 8, 1906) gave : Red colls, 6,-350,000
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expectorated was colorless, but developed an intense greenish color upon standing less
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cations of matters that are expected to come up at particular meet-
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in pairs, resembling staphylococeuc pyogenes aureus, and differing
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of upper and lower limbs or of the entire body, and. when thi? albumen
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natural function, during the past six months. Dyspnoea was very marked.
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peripheral parts of the brain. The internal capsule contains the centrifugal and centri-
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from escaping in part under the cuff, and as far as possible be forced to
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lobar. This, however, has a sudden onset with high temperature
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aa abrupt transition. Weeping and laughter are physiological acts when
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registration area established for 1908. The latter is much smaller than
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of the upper classes, where the disease is caused by unhappy love affairs,
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difference between Americans, Irish and Italians; all
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During the period of the Crimean War he was house-surgeon
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the charting was done immediately, or after a short or long interval.
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health or aid in the preservation of Wisconsin's medical history. When
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through the skin or mucosa. The red corpuscles are not disin-
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disease, whether pelvic disease had any influence in predisposing
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good students was largely due to the efforts of Dr Kilgour and Dr
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water, strain, acidulate with lemon-juice. The whole to be taken
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to improve the practice of physic ; and it is to be lamented that
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the nose, with the eyes closed, the left hand was slightly at fault. There was
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diminish it. 9. These reflexes are diminished on the paralyzed side in cerebral
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many cocci, single and in pairs, chiefly in cells. Some of
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collapse. Nor mast it be forgotten that when the collapse is a complica-
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It may be physiological in a few, functional in many more ;
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Business Committee of the General Council of the University of
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flammation by an oculist in Philadelphia, but during
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Maintaining our strong financial base, reflected by Best's
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the senile portions of the epithelium. More careful study of the subli-
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action until the congestive driving exacerbation begins to sub-
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anatomical homology has yet been established. The excitation method