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isolated bilateral ptosis is partially or completely compensated for by con-

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The wound had then been closed ; it had healed rapidly and re-

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this symptom, it existed in 47.* As a rule, it is not manifested until tlie

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must have rest in which to build up and get back in a condition

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tlie same time. The vomiting was projectile in char-

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ing. Three days afterwards her feet began to swell, and gradually the swelling

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New York University is an affirmative action/equal opportunity institution.

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namentlich organische Stoffe beim Uebergang in den Ham erleiden.

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You can readily understand with the point over the sternum being

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{on respedera). This method opens a new way of treatment

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his Clinical Researches on Diseases in India that India enjoyed an abso-

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crat in his own office and avoid the frustrations of

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Marseilles, in his experiments on cotton-growing, and

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diseased glands, Avas followed by serious disturbance of motion in the

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ical risk. Among these 21 clinically recognized Chla-

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of avoiding curative sera in such cases is obvious ; not so obvious is the

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by cupping from below the scapulae, and a blister was aj)plied

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suppose. Thus in the last eight years, during which I have seen a large

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puffs, and has caused poisoning symptoms mainly of acute gastro-intestinal

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mena; for authentic cases of cholera are on record, by several of

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especially in that method which ignores the weight-bearing

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be injected into the subcutaneous tissue, into the circulation, or

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enough to threaten comfort or life, or where they lose the accidental

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A peculiar condition of partial ansesthesia is the result, in which ''you

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ally susceptible to the poison of the insect, all irritation

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(or atony) of the oesophagus, spasmodic contraction of the

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the older methods it was difficult to avoid the ureters,

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the first meeting of the season held October 23, Dr. Charles

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hypertrophy, dwelling especially upon a desdiption of it by

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sional opinion, and allows his medical titles to be used

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neficial effects in these affections. When properly used, it sel-

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Since the year 1838, cholera ceased to be heard of in any part of

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liver becomes obstructed by the improper stimulus of these

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and northern renaissances, down to the more sober ceremonies of

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The Value of Phosphorus in the Treatment of Eickets. — .Soltmann

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M. Brown Sequard has found by experiments on rabbits that if a current

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encouraging ; still, it may be improved, and, to secure one

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encountered so commonly in the reports of inoculation of measles,

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list of diseases which " flesh is heir to," can be effectually removed'in com-

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bility and intelligence — the former has been | ministrator : —

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ways produce blacks and whites as well as blues (see diagram).