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complished, the ventricles, in their turn, contract, closing the auriculo-
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in the form of a paraplegia. The upper portion of the cord may be in the
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may be experimentally produced in a variety of ways, e.g., by punc-
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cause so evident that there could be no doubt as to the nature of the
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information cefadroxil duricef antibiotic
base of the brain, and is especially exposed to paralysis from disease of
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College of Physicians and Surgeons, New York. — Dr. T. G.
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alkaloids, pelletierine and isopelletierine, kousso and its active principle,
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or paroxysmal ; usually symmetrical ; affecting especially the extremities,
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muscles, joints, and bone-marrow, and in the loose connective tissue of
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The case of Dr. Robert Hunter (M. D. of New York) has lately
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the bimanual examination of the pelvic contents will suffice to exclude
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Pulmonary hemorrhage is rarely immediately dangerous unless copious
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simple, nutritious, and digestible, milk, milk products, raw eggs, light
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above or below the joint sometimes allay pain and seem to do good ; they
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ance and behavior of the patient are often significant of extreme nervous-
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don. Late House Physician and 'Physician Accoucheur's, Assistant to King's College
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and similar food should be used on occasion. The tendency not only
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cially tetanic rigidity ; the muscular contractions also are irregular and
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might readily be fallen into in such cases, that M. Sedillot enlarges
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usual occupations as soon as persons recovering from a slight attack
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and the milder the attacks, especially when the patient is able largely
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The literature of the subject aboye is material for a vcdume, though
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the blood, perhaps by diminishing the resistance of the tissues to the
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MORBID ANATOMY. Three anatomical varieties of acute inflamma-
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chronic poisoning, nor, so far as we know, the hyoscine habit, and when it
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spleen is usually a result of infectious embolism, although sometimes due
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beginning during the first two years of life, although usually not. earlier
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relief of pain. Surgical treatment is demanded when gangrene or sup-
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advantage, but in the following discussion it will be considered that the
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testinal obstruction. These are taken in either accidentally, especially
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of cancer of the liver, which produces more rapid disturbance of nutri-
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in epidemics, and is due to a contagion of unknown nature, which is
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vestimentorum, though living in the clothing, especially in the seams of
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labored, and often interrupted by a distressing short cough. The expec-
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MORBID ANATOMY. The lesions of acute peritonitis are usually cir-
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Gangrenous pancreatitis at times is represented by a circumscribed
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teritis and endophlebitis noted by Yon Dehio, were probably secondary
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administered in large dose at once, so as to remove the gumma and pre-
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of the pain, and the absence of jaundice and hsematuria are usually suffi-
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remarkable. AU that some aim at is merely to keep surfaces in con-
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haemophilia, scurvy, purpura, and haemoglobinaemia.
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