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so mild as to have been considered an ephemeral affection. Subsequent attacks

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reinfection is more commonly from within by bacilli which have been thrown

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strychnine poisoning supervene at once. Tetanus begins with trismus and

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mode for the purpose. The bedpan is a disagreeable necessity to many

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It is claimed for Ridge s Food that it is acceptable to the

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paralysis becomes complete it is probably always hysterical or due to organic

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parts. During the period of acute constitutional disturbance there is often

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run He dresses in costume already described and goes out on the

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formity. The fragments are displaced backwards and to one side.

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upon several important committees of the Continental Congress of which

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thing at the right time will save the lives of certain children.

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individual instances. But no drug has been found that is always equal to

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intercurrent disease. Intercurrent disease is not common. Pure mumps has

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erally dark in color but pale after a protracted illness are usually abundant

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The pericardium may show no abnormal change or we may find pericar

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the old fashioned doughnut and are inflated with air.

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swollen its pulp soft and red. The various serous membranes show

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made from the Spanish fly cantharides and certain other drugs which it

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be too prolonged a sense of general pain and weariness

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largely employed and is by some authorities strongly commended by others

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ingly severe and resist all treatment. In some cases this is combined with

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prostration is apj arently not great the patient should not assume the erect

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quadrupeds that the heart when removed from the body will continue to

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The fats and carbohydrates are sources of energy and heat they may

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ual appetite with lessened control of the will power leading to great sexual

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of persons suffering from tuberculosis. Such persons expectorate freely

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glyphs rather than members of the Roman alphabet. Very frequently the

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bichloride. The potassio mercuric iodide is four or five

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so called Woods is right. I have seen Zitmann s decocticm do good

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plication. The nephritis which comes on as a sequel after convalescence

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time. The diagnosis is made by inserting the finger into the rectum

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ment of Consumption Bronchitis Scrofula and all forms of Nervous Debility.

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other hysterical paroxysms. The two children were finally kept without food

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In corresponding vUh Advertisers please mention THE MEDICAL AND SURGICAL REPORTER.

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matory products or inflammatory tissue changes interfering with the circula

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scopical examination will moreover.show tube ca.sts and renal epithelium in

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Even then however it is a ceaseless marvel to the onlooker how much

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Diagnosis. The diagnosis of major or minor hysteria occurring in gene

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experience is wholly opposed to it. I have repeatedly observed unpleasant or

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cise will to a certain extent lessen the tendency to overeating though the

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bacteria when subsequently the fluid is introduced into the system to

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is very prone to undergo degeneration of a peculiar kind known as cheesy

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Finally there are instances of cerebral haemorrhage in which macroscop

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right muscular fibres which are needed to produce each time the pigeon s

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