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four miles from one and six miles from the other shore.

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acutest pains. To myself two most striking instances have oc

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of the Hospital except that the Surgeons may order mercurial

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me at different times expressing the deepest solicitude and ex

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ing of tail or prepuce albumen pus or blood in urine lameness unilateral

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stomach empties itself becomes abnormal although the actual

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correlates that can he addressed through application

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Nevertheless the question is not perhaps absolutely decided. In the

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resin tannin gallic acid and extractive matter. Subsequently Dr.

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Genuine first edition oj which there were counterfeits by Jansson and Races

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glands whether the latter he ijiparently dipcased or not is the

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stages senile cataract usually appears as radiating gray

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While this point may still he rcjjfarded us unproved yet

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a habit which has the singular merit that the dose need

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struction of medical education will be largely afTected see p..

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joints. The fibro serous tissues of the joint may be simply swollen or

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to which I refer spoke of the changes which had taken place

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and the fostering of the museum idea at the improvement of museum

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for both are present in capillary blood. In arterial blood there

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constant burning and neuralgic and much increased by pressure while

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raised by Parliament. Another defect is that some of the branches

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mucous surfaces there is great sensitiveness to the local irritation of

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cise pathological character of the membrane in the different

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resorted to. On April th the patient almost recovered and returned to service.

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limbs pawing and even lying down and rolling. The visible

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alterative and tonic. Sulphur in large doses is laxative but

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employing a remedy in a disease requiring energetic

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wine procure urine when it is stopped. The distilled wa

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judging from the work before us the subject itself must have attained vast

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third flushing with the saline water. In his experiments Dr. Delbet

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The portion directly over the first interspace passes the

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diuresis may help to avert the accumulation of bilirubin in the kidneys

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Characterized by one or other of these names three varieties or

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and one adult there was accompanying the rash great

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its amputation his reason being that some day snrgery might be so advanced

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tuberculosis. The sections were treated by saturated

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tions affected chiefly the protoplasmic prolongations of the nervous cells

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The Procurement and Training of Ground Combat roops

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are shallow and the breathing thoracic. The

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head and oftentimes in the eyeballs themselves in others it affects