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^ It has amused the reviewer, after writing the above remarks, to find them

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made from tapioca, sago, etc., sometimes with meat preparations (soma-

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On the sixteenth day from the beginning of the attack, I found

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apparently from suffocation and while sitting up in bed and gasping

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appearance. Occasionally he would take milk when offered but would vomit soon after.

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ciple identical with, the so-called anaphylactic shock seen in animals fol-

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muscles. A single incision, about six inches, gave free access to

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President of Her Majesty's most Honourable Privy Council, on the first occa-

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like forms in the rectum." This multipUcation begins in the

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[I never use this drug for such a purpose; nor do I believe it has

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various forms of dyspepsia which so often accompany chlorosis. In

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5. October 7, 1910, one loop-full of 18-hour agar growth of the bacillus was sus-

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mortality of only 5 per cent, in a series of soldiers so treated among the

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ciated by those who work with them. While the oil-seeds appear

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M. et sig. — 1 teaspoonful after eating, in a small quantity of table

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the first case, the patient must be kept quiet and put on a milk diet with

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injection. Experience has demonstrated that patients have increased in

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make the patient breathe slowly and deeply, a habit which to some

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dicals ; the second taking a wider survey, but giving shorter notices,

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above theories rest were true, even to the full extent asserted, they

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needles or the buds popularly called balm of Gilead buds, with %-2 small

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nitrate of silver (gr. x. to ^j.). The mother was cautioned not to

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Gazette Hebdomadaire de Medecine, etc.,— cale,— No. 7.

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teins of all sorts had been made and kept for several years.

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pigs. Twenty-six days later, each of these two animals and two normal pigs were

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puration in one or two scrofulous children, the swellings gradually

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