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we mean, the taking of exceptions to the views entertained by
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such cases? It is not an easy question to answer. If the placental
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diseases as tuberculosis, cancer, or insanity, there is a
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seem to be small puddles in the ground, so small that fish, which prey on ■
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tional cases where the hematuria has been severe, the tubercular process
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of respiration ; the inspiratory movements are always active, but the
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thickening of the valve by cartilaginous deposits, or upon ossifica-
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suspensio uteri. This may be done either by drawing a loop of the round liga-
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be adopted, and that principle was adopted in the Bill. A
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It is a remarkable circumstance, and one which ought to have great
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Effects of Smoking on the Heart. — Some years ago M. Decaisne drew
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enty-three at Bellevue, baths and sponging were most
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Inflammations (see Index) is peculiarly serviceable
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make him her exemplar of the mature life of her two minor
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bleeding gums, swelling of the ankles, and pains in various
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be placed, at the position of the patient's hips, several folds of old
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their own observarion the full extent to which the disease had pro-
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side, while the ridge itself pressed directly upon the artery. The perineal strap
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Beside the above work; Gay and Morrison^^ working on rabbits
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venoms contain chiefly the neurotoxins with a negligible amount
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from its follicles. The muscular membrane is composed of art in-
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woman, previous to which she had boarded. Having quarreled with
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emaciated by hectic fever and pain to 140 pounds, and with the
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M. D. Second Edition. J. P. Lippincott Co., Philadelphia, Pa., 1921.
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grew normally at blood heat (37^ C). At this maximum many of
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survived, but they are well constituted, as shown by their
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have every reason to believe they are, soldiers are more liable
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become displaced to a greater or less extent, it is the apex, which chiefly
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sisted Dr. E. vvho undertook the duty himself. They opened the sto-
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cancer of the stomach occurs at the pyloric and from 20 to
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late as the twentieth day, and in one case on the sixtieth day a