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were extracted without iridectomy. In all these four cases
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even if no other tumors are present in the patient operative measmes
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and by pressure upon a part though not by the sense of touch
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stances. Monomania cannot be established by pathological
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healed. Abdomen swollen with flatness on percussion over its right infe
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the second year making Neurology rounds during the third year having senior electives
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the first professor of pathology at the Owens College he was
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trustful of physicians as a group. For example the AMA s
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translucency and the only change noticeable be a grayish opacity and a slight
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Reagent Tablets are used to test the urine of patients
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Dr. Eugene Beach moved that the tlianks of the Society be
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owing to the records being incomplete and if I exclude cases of
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sense of relief from the application of mustard and vinegar to the
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quarantine is a comparatively simple and available ex
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to undertake the journey his condition was so serious I never
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cause. Adding to this the great stampede of doctors