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awake from a sleep feeling better and clear in mind convalescence is
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loDg tissue examined under the microscope it is found to be composed
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Having removed tumors from the optic nerve and done one
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distinct dulness appears only in case of pneumonia or pleurisy. Bronchial
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Aural Surgeon Jefferson Medical College Hospital Phila.
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complicating injuries to the knee joint. The temporary
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diagnosis the attacks seemed as sudden as though of acute gastritis.
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watery containing less than per cent of solids. Among the latter
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which I have described were intelligent. Audry who has published a mono
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jectionable than light shining directly in the face are
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cates involvement of the peritoneum in proportion to its severity
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be washed with warm water and Castile soap and then with the same
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body and in the increased amount of urine and perspiration produced by
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study made by Ampugnani of hourly charts from cases of typhoid fever
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oxysms of vertigo with ocular disturbance and sick stomach closely simulat
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small amounts of dry champagne liquid peptonoids or light broths be admin
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special portions of tbe central nervoas system which are the seat of the
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or sequela bronchitis catarrhal pnemncmia in measles joint and ear alfcc
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chemical reactions and microscopic findings. A brief description of the
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time are very significant. See page. In the more advanced stages of the
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spasm of the flexors of the arm delirium and Cheyne Stokes respiration. In
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are irritated and the sphincter muscle is thus thrown into a condition of
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the production of an increased amount of oily matter in the skin. The
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A peculiar snbvariety.or disposition of eruption is that described by Mar
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have pleased most in health can not be endured when sickness comes or
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same contents in another light we observe that not merely their passing
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tained fluid but ordinarily an ovarian cyst does not cause pain.
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by paralysis with complete relaxation rapid atrophy and alterations of the
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the ordinary flaxseed poultice is a poor means of applying moist heat.
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usually stiff rather than relaxed and occasionally when the patient can still
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place by collapse the temperature sinks to normal or even below it.
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places stoves furnaces or hsaters hot water pipes and steam pipes.
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the physicians who were with him in his last illness.
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oedematous or the seat of abscesses and especially of whitlows. The bones and
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physical conditions of the mental life observed and without a frequewt
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times sporadically a certain number of cases assume a distinctly malignant
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chemical precipitation of insoluble and soluble organic matter did not
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fatigue and anxiety are specially liable but the most robust health does not
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lower sashes closed. This precaution prevents the entrance of intruders
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had been well the previous day transacted business and was entirely free
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and frequently men are found stiffened in the attitude in which they have
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similar in appearance and structure to the smooth mem
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sent one of the changes which takes place in such food
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For example the effects of weather including especially excessive cold
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irall M. D. were leaders in inoculation in Massachusetts wUen small
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tion diminishes the size of the heart chambers and the
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while invasion of the tongue and pharyngeal muscles may restrict or prevent
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may be quenched by allowing the patient to swallow small pieces of ice
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t Transactions of the Medical Society of the State of Penn
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Symptomatolog y. The symjitoms of general paralysis vary so greatly
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The treatment is to stop the drinking of alcohol altogether and to
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may then wholly substitute for the original motor tendency whose cor