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after vaccination. Vaccine used : Pulp treated with KCN ^^\ 21

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effect ! In Reg. v. Yaquierdo (Herts Summer Assizes, 1854) the prisoner,

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Morbid anatomy. The arteries of the brain are terminal arteries,

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etc., have almost entirely disappeared, and the patient is strong

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Dr. Boggess : I want to congratulate Dr. Abell upon the

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Fig. 1. — Section of corvioiil lymph-uode, showing dilatation of tin- lymph-

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In lumbago and in^vralgia the pain may be paroxysmal,

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staff members of the various Institutes on the general topic of "Moral

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On the Principles and Practice of Surgery ........ By Da. Otis.

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artery and its branches — a clot originating in the spot in which it was

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and hence the degree of its application to human beings has still

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Dyspncsa Laryngea, Roaring, Hemiplegia Laryngea, 147