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exudations. Sometimes there is ectasia of the veins of the chest-
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names indeed were household words — considered that,
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would suit him, there seems no reason why, with his
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several papers on the subject published liyhim in the
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the case of a general pai-alytic patient, who died re-
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concluded, to the taste of the liberal German medical
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endocarditis rather to secondary infection (Petit). Malaria is a term
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the most energetic means, to prevent its spread and
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the initiatory signs, chill, vomiting, and fever, may be absent, or when
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definitely closed. Intending subscribers will oblige by forward*
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licences to practise to men who are totally ignorant
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and the present system of medical publication teaches
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suggestion that there might be a financial difficulty
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character. The sequel confirmed my opinion, as, when
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the heads of Diseases of the Organs of Special Sense,
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ness of dilatation in a short time under gymnastics, while the dul-
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which he had in view ; and that was, the substitution
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garden, stabling, coach house, and four acres of laud ; rent £35. The
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latter cannot be regai-ded as a contraction. 5. The
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record in youi- case-book a full report of the case of
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rents of childi-en would be perfectly satisfied with
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that the fibres of the heart actually increased in thickness in the proc-
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longitudinal cleft, and the mouth to a roundish hole
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the public, having as their real if not as their ex-
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a protitpble Country Practice for transfer, the district is
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whole period of gestation. (Philadelx>hia Medical and
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behalf of himself, but in the name also of Dr. Paget aiid
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of the ventsicle it could be felt that while the walls of the ventricle in
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Medical and Surgical Journal, vols, liii, liv, and Ivi)
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opinion of the profession generally respecting them and
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sort to mechanical treatment of the cervix uteri. The
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In the face of these disclosures, it is rather clever in
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or mental. The wariness of the serpout, without its
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methods of estimating the action of a remedy; viz.,
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