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Pharmaceutics by Dr. Boericke, and on Forensic Medicine, by Dr.

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short and painful, the tongue coated and appetite lost. Phosphorus

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toms, then likewise prevalent. Thus the agues which were common at

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of rheumatic fever, where the inflammation of the joints will not

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series of experiments in the dead house of the Medical College, has

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Colds, Afthma’s, fhortnefs of Breath, and difficulty

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It is chiefly applicable to the opening of abscesses, carbuncles,

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were received ; of these, sixty have died, three were cured and four-

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most robust habits, call for the use of the lancet.

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with the greatest attention b}^ the large audience present.

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perance Hall in Worcester, Feb. 10, 1869, the President, Dr.

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sometimes found to obstruct the lachrj^mal duct. A broad, flat nose

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simile, i. e. the true homoeopathic relation between drug and disease

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ever additional experience has taught me concerning the history and

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having a second bed in the patient's apartment. After the eleventh

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Madame Breton patented a system of artificial nourishment for in-

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from the rapidity with which the exhibition of the remedies employed

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