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for tuberculous soldiers in the Villa Celio on a hill

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one strain giving greater reactions in the smaller doses than another

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plained in various ways and pathologists recognize four principal

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the desire was fulfilled and I started for England.

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significance of which had it been more generally appreciated would assuredly

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tion. He mentioned that Dr. Barlow had suggested the possibility

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kidneys etc. showed that the case was indeed miliary tubercle. With

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followed by one year of clinical rotations and preceprorship experiences. The

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steer which first came down with the disease on the Faunce farm and

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the British North America Act reserved to the Provincial Parliaments

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soluble salt. The poison is thus liberated from its union with the injured

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began his work at the College de France and laid the foundations

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tion and for its accessory element the snapping of the sigmoid valves.

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The advantages of amputation through the knee joint

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Case. Normality Latent Neurosyphilis Influenza General Paresis.

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benefited by the application of hypnotism in case of disease.