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of the corpuscles (platelets) furnishes material (thromboplastin) which
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deny any to the tuberculin ; the enhancement of metabolism,
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The same experiments were made after ligation of the nasolachrymal
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the broken surface of the upper is extremely rough and den-
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member, the repair of any superficial wounds, a complete envelop-
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Dr. Cheyne in his ^English Malady.' It is the case of
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or phlebitis of some of the large plexuses of vessel coursing
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Pelvis.— Os Innominatum— <7, Ilium, 2; r. Pubis, 2; s, Ischium, 2.
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may at first seem equally grave received mcivil h»; «nd I
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College will be held at the Eagle Hotel, May 25th, at 5 o'clock
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s(Mist' of iinj)cii(iiiii'- death hv the victims of iioiiiicidal
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the German Legion, and the losses of the latter, are from Siborne.
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carbolic acid. The patient, who was suflering from the severity of the shock,
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this question. The cysts which arise in connection with the
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twins) should be rubbed over with the one taken, or if
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ment than clean incision in cases of cancer, and dwelt upon the importance of
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not increase heat-dissipation. I must differ from him
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take courses 19 and 20 or the equivalent. For more advanced work they are
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cated to the thorax wall by the condensed lung tissue. The
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in three or four hours after the first attack. For a short time, from forty
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tumour in front. The condition suggested multiple fibroids,
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tors, and tracheotomy had to be performed. In all the cases,
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gentleman that so long as the ball did not break, it would
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John L. Duffett, Leeds, Q. A. Raymond, Moulinette, O. [N.B.
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not a subject to which attention has been hitherto particularly-
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indicative of a beginning acquired idiocy. Strychnine exerts a
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disposal of the War Department and that you did work of the greatest
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j of cerebral lesion. This is a mere material hypothe-
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dust and perhaps disease germs may be set free to float in the air
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and the milk must be evacuated, so that it shall not accumulate
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carry on and see this thing through. But if this world war has revealed
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You can return the lamp at any time within 30 days of
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ciation of last summer is so well known to you all, —
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