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Faculty Hall, during 1870, on October 21st and November 4th, and
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" Undoubtedly several among these unfortunates may have been idle
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size is to a great extent the reason why the instrument has been so
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provements are going on in the school premises. A considerable por-
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the commencement of each Session. — At the end of the Winter
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Their President was an antiquarian, and his mind had often gone back
at the base ; while the second, which did not coincide with the pulse,
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of the first accident reported, I was not aware of Ziemmsen's proposal to faradise
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of the purulent discharge and hectic, but ultimately a free passage was
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appliance combining the brush and wiper ; the Parisian gai-i^on waxes
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%Yards the only thing they really want ? Even men with high aims, to
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the civilised world. This is abundantly proved by the most reliable
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sick, chamber a sheet should be suspended so as to cover the entire doorway ; this
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altogether. On June 30th, a plaster of Paris cast of the limb was
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mencement in founding it at Newcastle; viz.. Sir John Fife and Dr.
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the circulation through the aneurism, the patient being kept for a con-
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clusively by mean temperature. Isothermal lines. — Barometer — how
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He "sate under no preacher," as it is termed, he scoffed at their bigotry
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allow the fluid to penetrate gradually into the peritoneum, or to let it
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meeting, held at Leeds, the one-portal system, involving a good pre-
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In addition to the members of the Association, a very large number of
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spectively of the two murmurs, and the consequent systolic or diastolic
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grees call for correction, and instanced naval officers, astronomers, and
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hundred of the members of the Association. The banquet took place
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relation to the pulse, and that, therefore, on his own showing, his in-
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with others of his standing in supporting Sir William Lawrence in the
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tensely, filled with blood? I suppose there can be no doubt that the
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guages. Mathematics— KacYxi, Books I to VI ; Algebra, including Quadratic Equa-
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First Year's Students, for General Proficiency. — Prize, value £2 2s.,
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at large. And that was not surprising. They must remember that
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functions, of the brain and nervous system, be essential to psychology,
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The extreme prevalence of constitutional syphilis in Manchester and
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from a contagious disease operating through such a poisonous and con-
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follow the movements of the army as soon as possible. Therefore, all
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