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The f'oliowiiisi- ivsdiiition was passed: " That wiicrcas tlio nii'ili-
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in diabetes mellitus in man, says von Noorden, but diabetes
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it from the sweet birch. It is supposed to exist in the roots
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(d) " Ground-soil." — According to Pettenkofer's view, the typhoid
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warm-water application may be explained in a similar manner. When
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gut fermentation syndrome
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(c) Stage of Algidity. — If this develop, the case is desperate. In
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ditions of the intestinal tract, particularly if the latter be caused by
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the sting of the honey-bee, but have seen such cases reported.
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scurvy may be developed in nurslings. The admission of this
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titioners from water as a remedy. The practice and writings of Drs.
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movement, the temperature touching 100° or even 101° F. (38.3° C).
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plication. As a secondary result we are apt to observe the development
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ill-health. lie may not be sufficiently educated yet to the fact
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the free yet prudent use of stimulants (strychnin, alcoholics, ammonium,
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When inflammation extends to the subcutaneous connective tissue there
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very insidiously. Traces of albumin may be found for a few days be-
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also be noted, and the recognition of this condition may be aided by
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vidual in the wet pack two hours, the left middle finger was exposed
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characteristic, but hematemesis occurring in patients sufi"ering from tuber-
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minutes with friction. Such records are the best reply to the ob-
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Tennant, in a study of the 1898 epidemic of typhoid fever in Belfast,
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ing the bacilli and rendering such cows fit subjects for their
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Chronic endocarditis, particularly of the tricuspid segments, may also
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commonly this threatened collapse is survived, and then (from the second
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tongue " Avithout a development of the rash. This may also occur in
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" But Winternitz observes, what a glance at the flushed skin of the
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nitrogenous food. There are about one and a quarter ounces
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to avoid chilling, and it must be borne in mind that gentle friction is
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of my trees fortunately bear good large nuts, but in buying
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ceedingly simple, and successful. Methodical treatment under condi-
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owing to its depressing influence upon the heart, should not be employed.
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to ten days after the reception of the wound or even earlier, and always
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great field for creosote and all such remedies. Hot air inhala-
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I have taken the pains to go over carefully our records on this point.
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])atients ou arrival were seriously ill with pneumonia. They were
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cardinal symptom for therapeutic attack in pneumonia. While, how-
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there remains a chronic discharging sinus. Suppuration is attended