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with its consequent pernicious destruction of home life and sentiment in
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tient by an attendant. This bath lasts five minutes and the temperature
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often irregular and toward the last generally becomes more and more shallow.
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Tones Included in the Secondary Noise of an Intermitting Tuning
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In a late number of the American Journal of Medical Sciences
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Dry and warm climates are soothing too but have a less weakening
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The presence of other hysterical symptoms is important and usually the true
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tercostal muscles raises the ribs pushes the sternum or breast bone out
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hospitals for patients suffering with diphtheria scarlet fever measles.
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summer weather and only cotton or linen is tolerated loose clothing best
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and cleanliness are necessary but they should be limited in their strictest
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most satisfactory results attend its administration.
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itself. The method is described in the article on Nursing the Side. It
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I have never been able to confirm the existence of the described varieties
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The bed the patient and the room must be kept perfectly clean.
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can never decompose ferment or become rancid in any climate or temperature.
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This table shows that animal foods contain the most water and vege
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The room should be large airy and have a sunny exposure. Air
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The lessened capacity of the stomach and its decreased muscular power
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depending a good deal on the amount of inflammatory exudate existing with
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death from tetanus stryclinic convulsions and diseases or accidents which
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Railroad and Steamboat Fares to the American Medical As
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tion Prostration Shock Poisoning Suffocation Sunstroke
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All five remained without a sign of subsequent infection and the effect was
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uncontrollable brain activity and an almost complete insomnia a condition
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individual to retire late sleep his normal amount and rise when refreshed.
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ing measures. The abscess should be opened at once no matter how
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name for scarlet fever rubeola must be the most appropriate for measles.
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Epidemics vary much in their duration the usual time of prevalence being
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Death may take place from tuberculosis colliquative diarrhoea or other compli
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The nervous system is so closely connected with every organ and
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chronic otorrhea more particularly drowsiness irregular fever and chills
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